About Us
Cummins Cider Mill is owned and operated by Donny Leilous.

Donny operates the Cummins Cider Mill with his family and friends,
all of whom have a strong customer service commitment.

With a love for growing things and the great outdoors, Donny is a
farmer at heart who raises produce, cattle, and hay for the local

Additionally, he owns and operates Southern Tier Polaris located at
1469 Olean Portville Road, Olean, NY 14760.  You can learn more
about their products and services by going to
Cummins Cider Mill
159 Portville Ceres Road
Portville, NY 14770
(716) 933-8890
Our History
Verne Cummins first began peddling his
home-made cider door to door in Salamanca
in 1932.  Two years later he opened the
Cummins Cider Mill in Allegany from 1936 to
1946.  There was a 12 year hiatus until he
opened the Cummins Cider Mill in Portville in
1958 which is the mill you see it today.  
Slowly but surely over the years the building
was improved and expanded.

Back in those early years, there were
constant apple shortages.  So he often times
had to go out of state to get the specific
apples and the quantity of apples he needed
to meet local demand.
A mainstay of Verne's
success was his wife,
Virginia, who helped him
run the business and
ensure that customers
always left happy with their
Cummins Cider Mill

Verne passed away June
17, 2007, at the age of 95.

7 Days A Week